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Products Supported

   The marketplace offers a multitude of solutions for end-user needs.  We have chosen the following network and application products to support our clients' accounting and office needs:

In 2009 we added the SonicWALL® product line to the front-end of our client support needs. This high-end internet appliance is primarily directed at content control and network security. These include devices providing services for network firewalls, UTM's (Unified Threat Management), VPN's (Virtual Private Network), backup, recovery and anti-spam for email. The company also markets information subscription services related to their products for total 24/7 protection. A "must have" addition to our client support service.  More information is available at

Also in 2009, we changed our office telephone to a Panasonic® switch with VOIP capability. In addition to standard digital phones at employee desks, we can now install VOIP phones anywhere that we have a SonicWALL® that is programmed to interface with our SonicWALL®. We already have this technology working at three client sites. For more information, visit

We have been installing and supporting Novell® networking almost exclusively since the first release in the mid-80s. While Microsoft Windows Server® has made a strong bid for Novell's network base, Novell is still our preferred server operating system.  Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition® is very affordable and is bundled with GroupWise®. NetWare® continues to be a  reliable, stable and efficient product for the small to large user. NetWare® is actually installed on Novell's Suse® Linux platform providing all of the Linux operating system capabilities as well. For more information, visit their web site at

Novell GroupWise® 8.0 - a member of the Novell Enterprise® family of solutions - is a premier communication and collaboration tool.  It provides an effective and innovative approach to collaboration services - an approach that delivers security, control and mobility, while reducing the cost of managing and maintaining essential communication and collaboration services. By installing the mobile server application, you can receive not only your email on your cell phone, but also your calendar, contacts, and soon, your tasks and memos.

Where required, we also install and support Microsoft SQL Server® applications. Of course, we support all of the workstation Windows®-based operating systems and Microsoft Office® application products. Microsoft Visual FoxPro® has long been our database solution for special applications development. Also, we have developed several solutions for clients using Microsoft Office Access® and Microsoft Office FrontPage®.  More information is available at

We no longer support RealWorld software, but we would be happy to help you convert to Passport Business Solutions.


Passport Software, Inc.™ started much like Peckinpaugh and Associates as a software solution provider using RealWorld.  In the mid-eighties this company ported the RealWorld code to a different platform under agreements with RealWorld.  A few years ago, they chose AcuCOBOL as their platform and converted their solution to this Windows® compliant interface.

PBS logo -white background.gif (18079 bytes)Passport Business Solutions™ provides the same look, feel and functionality of RealWorld in a Windows® environment including mouse control, printing capabilities and better pop-ups.  Most importantly, the product will continue to be improved and supported.  We are licensed to use their source code, we have the capability to port and expand all of the specialized features that we have developed for our customers over the past 25 years.  For more information visit their web site at


TeleMagic® is still our choice for contact management solutions. The customization available with this product exceeds that available in most contact management systems. The product is written in Microsoft FoxPro®, our chosen database solution. This allows us the ability to interface TeleMagic® with custom applications. TeleMagic® allows the user to completely customize specified fields and how they are seen. This flexibility allows TeleMagic® to grow with your company so that your company does not outgrow the very tools that helped achieve that growth. TeleMagic® allows for easy integration with industry standard word processors like Microsoft Word®. Email and other electronic communications capabilities as well as phone and mail merge make it an excellent choice for maintaining connections with customers, vendors and any others important to the success of your company. Now sold by Sage® and no longer being supported by them, we still think it out classes others like Act® and Goldmine®.


Microsoft®, RealWorld and Microsoft Visual FoxPro® are trademarks of the Microsoft® group of companies.

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation®  in the United States and other countries.

TeleMagic® is a registered trademark of © Sage Software, Inc.
® and NetWare® are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc.®
Passport Business Solutions™ is a registered trademark of Passport Software Inc™. 



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